Nimali, an orphan, graduates with a degree in education, Sri Lanka

Educating teachers

Since its beginning CBB has provided scholarships for girls to attend university studies in education. In East Timor, Kenya and India, girls and young women study for three years to receive a B.A. in education that qualifies them to teach in elementary school and high school. In Guatemala and Kenya, girls also attend the local equivalent of a junior college to become nursery school teachers.

Since university education is five to ten times more costly than keeping a girl in high school, only the most qualified of CBB's scholarships girls receive university scholarships.

Practice teaching, Kenya

Four Girls Studying to Be Teachers

Compassion Beyond Borders sponsors the education of 475 tribal girls in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. When CBB began this program, only one girl from these 40 rural villages had ever been admitted to a university. Today dozens of girls from CBB's scholarship program are in university studies--or have already graduated with their university degree.

CBB gives scholarships to four girls from this program to study teacher education. Here are photos and thumbnail sketches of these girls provided by their program director.

The annual cost of a scholarship for one of these girls is $170.