Fiscal year October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016

$        # educated
Kenya: Nursery, primary, vocational and high school scholarships39,340    408    
India: Tribal and Dalit ("untouchable") girls' scholarships8,800    485    
Guatemala: Mayan girls primary and middle school scholarships 10,100     35         
Cameroon: Scholarships to poor girls in rural villages 5,060     80         
Teacher education: Kenya8,600    12         
Nursing education 7,800    20         
     Nurses' aide training, India5,000    15    
     University nursing training, India, Guatemala and Kenya2,800    5    
Scholarship total 79,700    1,040         
Projects, Kenya 31,880                 
   Hostels for orphaned and abandoned schoolgirls 24,440                 
   Goats for girls 7,440                 
Girls' hostel, Kenya 62,805                 
   Construction and land acquisition 31,037                 
   Well 31,768                 
Program total174,385                
Administration and travel23,978                
Total budget$198,363                

Note: Overhead expenditures are financed by the Board of Directors, so 100% of donations go to funding the education of poor and vulnerable girls.