Schoolgirl, India

JOY WORLD gives scholarships for nursery school through university studies to daughters and grand-daughters of women with AIDS and widowed grandmothers.

INDANGALASIA HIV/AIDS RESOURCE CENTER administers scholarships to girls orphaned by AIDS.

IKOBERO HIGH SCHOOL, where 75% of the girls are orphans, gives scholarships to students and administers college scholarships to its graduates.


JUST ORGANIZATION FOR NATURAL GROWTH provides school supplies for tribal and Dalit ("untouchable") girls, organizes an after-school tutoring program for them, and provides tailoring training to out-of-school girls.

JEEVAN SANGHAM educates Dalit ("untouchable") children in alternative schools in a region where public schools are closed due to civil strife.

AMAR JYOTI gives nurses aide training to out-of-school girls and educates Dalit girls in a school for upper-caste children.


ESTUDIA CON AMOR administers primary and middle school scholarships to Mayan girls with single mothers.

East Timor

ASIA PACIFIC SUPPORT COLLECTIVE--TIMOR LESTE administers university scholarships to young women to become teachers