"There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls."

                                                                           Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General, United Nations

Tribal schoolgirl, India

To Educate a Girl

The cost of educating a girl in the developing world depends upon local needs, the level of schooling, and foreign exchange rates. Annually,

$70 is CBB's average cost of educating a poor and vulnerable girl

$100 furnishes a primary school education to three girls orphaned by AIDS in Kenya

$150 educates a high school girl in Kenya

$250 provides a primary school scholarship to a Mayan daughter of a single mother in Guatemala

$300 trains an out-of-school girl to be a nurse's aide in India

$325 supports a girl in middle school in Guatemala

$350 gives a girl a nursing education in India

$400 finances an after-school tutorial center for 20 impoverished tribal girls in India

$500 sponsors a girl in CBB's hostels for abandoned and orphaned scholarship girls in Kenya

$700 funds a girl's college studies to be a teacher in Kenya


$50 buys a goat and three chickens to provide milk and eggs for a scholarship girl in Kenya

$100 purchases a bicycle for a girl to ride up to five miles to high school in India

$150 gives feminine hygiene kits to a class of 25 girls in Kenya

Making a Difference

Guatemalan schoolgirl

Compassion Beyond Borders' average cost of educating a girl in the developing world is a fraction of most charitable organizations--because CBB operates differently:

  • CBB is a volunteer organization--it doesn't spend one third of its budget on administrative salaries, as the well-known national and international charities do.

  • CBB educates as many girls as possible by giving them scholarships to attend a public school, rather than giving an expensive private school education to a few girls.

  • CBB's projects are administered by local grass-roots leaders, many of whom are supported by their own organization, and therefore don't need additional compensation.

  • CBB doesn't give full scholarships, but rather sufficient funding to get a girl into school and, if more assistance is necessary, this is given on an individual basis--when truly needed.

  • Even the poorest single mothers, with very few exceptions, are able to contribute something to their daughter's education.

  • Before college, a girl must first complete primary school and high school, which is far less expensive than university studies. Completing high school is as great--or greater--a success in the developing world as completing college in the U.S.

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